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Luke 19.1-10Jesus and Zaccheus

A Reflection

Take the pressure in a black hole,
a singularity far out in space.
All that pressure crushing everything that enters it,
sucked in by gravity greater than we can imagine.

Pressure, crushing, making small.

Take the pressure of doing business,
banking, taxing, working in the City.
All that pressure crushing those who enter that world
sucked in by promises of bonuses beyond reason.

Pressure, crushing, making small.

Take the pressure of a crowd,
jostling, pushing, shouting in the town.
All that pressure moving irresistibly towards something,
sucked in by the promise of Messiah.

Pressure, crushing, making small.

So, rise above, climb up into a space,
hang, out on a limb, watching.
Wait, listening for the lie, the proof that he’s nothing special,
wonder what all the fuss is about.

Wait, listen, wonder.

Hold on to that which is secure,

Michaela Youngson

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