Contributor Terms

Making a Contribution to

By submitting downloadable or physical products to The Worship Cloud to be included on you are declaring that 

  1. It is your own work or you have obtained copyright permission and that you have read and agree with the Terms and Conditions of the Website.
  2. You give permission for those downloading your work from the site, including The Worship Cloud to use it for their personal, church and school non-commercial use.
  3. You give permission for The Worship Cloud to use your work to promote the website and your contribution.

If a customer wishes to purchase an item for commercial use, The Worship Cloud will contact the contributor to request permission and to agree terms and conditions of sale.

If The Worship Cloud or another contributor want to use another persons work in order to create another product, permission will be sort. Royalties will be calculated as follows:

  • If the uploaded contribution is used without forming part of a composition (i.e. used as is), then the created product will appear under a new account containing both the new and original contributor names and the royalties will be shared equally 
  • If the uploaded contribution is not used 'as is' or does not represent 25% of a final product then the new product will appear under the new contributor’s name with accreditation in the product information to the original contributor.

Downloadable Products

When uploading electronic content onto the Website (ie images, word & PDF documents, movie & MP3 files, PowerPoints) please follow the instructions in Uploading your Work

Due to limited upload speed of non-commercial Internet users you may find that this impedes sending content. If you experience lengthy uploads then content can be sent to The Worship Cloud on appropriate data storage media. Please contact us for further information.

The Worship Cloud and Twelvebaskets Ltd are not liable for any works submitted for inclusion on the Website that infringe copyright laws.

If you have any problems uploading your items onto the website, please contact for assistance.

Although any visitor to the site will be able to search and view thumbnails of all of the images and written pieces, only subscribers will be able to view the item in full

Physical Products

Submitting physical items of work (i.e. books, CDs, DVDs etc), please contact The Worship Cloud for approval and to agree Terms and Conditions of sale and stock control.


In the spirit of building a community of contributors who are prepared to share their work for the benefit of others and to promote the sharing of resources, The Worship Cloud has built into the website a Royalty payment system. The Royalties Explained page provides all you need to know about how royalties are calculated and paid.